Environment and Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

At JBS Australia, we are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Planned Works or Maintenance

Across the JBS sites, teams work on environmental equipment or machinery to ensure continued operation and cleanliness.

Current Works or Maintenance

JBS Dinmore is currently undertaking routine desilting works for the cattle holding yard stormwater run-off pond. This work involves removing the accumulated sediment with an excavator and placing within a bunded area to dewater. Once sufficiently dewatered, the material will be removed offsite for beneficial reuse through composting or application to agricultural lands. The desilting works is being undertaken to ensure that the cattle yard pond has adequate holding capacity to capture run-off from rainfall events. Desilting of the pond is expected to be completed by 29.11.2020, with the dewatered material removed offsite utilising covered trucks following this period. All appropriate environmental controls are in place and impact to the local community is not anticipated.

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